get involved


  • volunteer
    Probably the main thing you can do for the project: Come and Help! We can always use a helping hand and new ideas and a good spirit. You don’t need to know anything about bikes. If you just think that you might have fun doing some work on bicycles or organizing the workshop sessions  – that’s enough, come along! There is plenty do around that does not involve bicycle mechanics at all.
  • donate bicycles
    Do you have an old bicycle you aren’t using anymore? Seen one left somewhere on the streets? Bring it over to the workshop! or contact us and we’ll try to pick it up! That’s what’s keeping us alive! We’ll take almost any bike.
  • tools
    Please donate any tools you have and do not need to us. Email us and we’ll be happy to pick them up. If you have any ideas where we could collect unused tools, tell us!
  • spare parts / components
    frames, cranks, brakes, pedals, chains, seats, wheels (all sizes)…. to patches, tubes, tires, pumps, bike locks, helmets, lubricants, ANYTHING USEFUL!!! Please bring us your old/unused parts.


  • art
    Feel like doing some paint art at the workshop? or on a bike? + we’re looking for ideas for designing flags and stickers to stick onto the bicycles + flyers, posters, content and design of our site, etc. just eMail us!
  • anything else useful
    Whatever else you can think of that we might be able to use… We need loads of stuff to make the workshop more comfortable: cups, soap, boxes – eMail us or come to the workshop!

oh! … and treats are always welcome.