bike polo

Polo game knows everyone, but bike polo is only making its way towards popularity in cycling communities. Bike polo is played in all major cities in Scotland so Aberdeen has a chance to show that it is not only an oil capital, but we also some awesome events and culture.
In 2012 few courageous students introduced it to Aberdeen. It was an exciting start, they found a perfect court and made few first steps towards having a regular polo game.

The game was forgotten when Aberdeen lost its guru polo players. In 2013 it came back with full strength! Becycle has high hopes in this game and even though it is getting very popular in Becycle community we are trying to recruit more people from “outside the circle”.

If you want to find out how does it look like in action check our our friends in Glasgow video:

Now that you are already interested:

Beginners session: Friday 6PM

Court can be found here

You will be provided with a mallet, so the only thing you have to bring with you is a bike that you don’t have much sentimental value for

Join polo group on facebook to get the latest updates and announcements!

Bike polo is a very addictive and exciting sport, worth to try at least once in your life!



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