Posted: Monday, August 26, 2013 by selhurst in night-ride

Cycling in misty or foggy conditions is always something a bit special. The lack of visibility makes things a bit spooky, which is only enhanced in the vicinity of an airport. When you see headlights coming towards you, but hear a ‘place coming in that you can’t see, you start to wonder what tricks your mind wants to play.

Other special bit: riding on an unlit gravel path under trees in the fog for a couple of miles.

Other highlight: seeing your shadow projected onto the mist in front of you by car headlights on full beam.

Other highlight: the Machar, as always.

We were seven at the start. This was a bit longer than usual for a night-ride, so people with work on Friday morning headed for home a little earlier. Five of us made the full loop you see mapped here;

and sprinted up the last hill before the pub.


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