Sunday Breakfast with beCyCle

Posted: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 by selhurst in news/events
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Well, Sunday rides have been tried in various forms but we hope this will become a regular thing again. There were three of us this Sunday. Of contributors to this blog, there were the irrepressible cydanil and your correspondent.  The former was not in the best of shape, munching croissants and muttering darkly about the lemonades the people he’d been made to drink by the people he’d met the previous evening. Nonetheless, it was a fine sunny morning, and we felt cheerful as we cycled down the coast, so we kept on going, over the ups and down the rather steep downs until we reached the end of the road in the lovely Cove Bay;


But no-one felt like any cider on this particular morning. Instead we attempted a new route back into town, and after getting past some roadworks and a barrier we found it. After that we tried a few back alleys and short cuts on our way back George Street and a well-earned coffee. The sun was still shining.

You can see our route here;

We’ll be meeting at 11 at Castlegate for a repeat performance next week. See you there!



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