hot wheels

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012 by gnf0x in bikes, misc

  1. byrd5d says: cycle armagiddin outahere i always found a whistle handy but the new helit cams r good for gettin evidence and reg nos- difficult to remember and write down when your shakin with adrenaline,my favourite is usin them as support when they park in the red box, dont understand why you cant turn left at t junctions on red! in theory if there were cycle lanes at all junctions it would be possible to go left on red into another cycle lane check traffic then uturn and repeat to cross reds safely, reds are wrong frequency for cyclists to anticipate and ballance. I would like to see cyclists taken off pavements tho except for manoevring obstacles, Perhaps the pedestrians will need cams to catch them. Would cyclists get more respect if they volunteered to carry registration plate or vest as member of road safety group? bi fun ow!

  2. Paul says:

    Would be nice to have better cycling infrastructure, only that will keep cyclists from riding on pavements. There are intersections where I’d rather mount the pavement then end up as someone’s hood ornament. Some paint slapped on to the road is not considered cycling infrastructure, especially not when you have people parking on top of it, or riddled with potholes.

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