Aberdeen’s first Ghost Bike

Posted: Monday, April 30, 2012 by commandanto in Uncategorized

ACF is planning a Bike Week between the 16th -24th of June 2012 and we want to put up a Ghost Bike (http://ghostbikes.org/) for a beCyCler (Milena) whom we have lost on Aberdeen’s roads.

Proposed is a safety workshop, some cycle training, then a big group ride (maybe a silence ride?) to the place where the fatal accident took place, set our sign and then continue cycling out of town. Have a lunch at a nice place and split up afterwards in our own directions.

Any alterations to the plan?
Do people have a favourite date for that week? How about the 23rd and we close beCyCle for that day? Vote here: http://www.doodle.com/m4vhhywnmmcewtzh

Who is up for helping to organise the event? We need to organise the lunch, the route, the saftey and cycle workshop, and we need to make the Ghost Bike!

  1. […] journey starts at 1100 at the beCyCle  workshop on High Street, Old Aberdeen, on Sunday 24 June. https://becycle.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/aberdeens-first-ghost-bike/ Related […]

  2. John Widden says:

    I was disgusted to find that the ghost bike at Bridge of Dee, Aberdeen had been vandalised with the plaque broken although patched up. The small memorial item of three angels on a base was missing and I managed to recover the base and one of the angels from the riverbank just over the railings which I replaced. I realise that a ghost bike is erected at the scene of the accident but in view of what has occured would like to suggest it is resited, possibly if possible within the Winter Gardens, Duthie Park. Best respects to all concerned.

    • commandanto says:

      Hi John, yeas, it is sad to see it being vandalised. :( Have you gotten hold of the plaque? We went to see if we could find it, sadly we didn’t. Having it resited is indeed a good idea and there is an on-going discussion about that with the council. But yes, the idea is of course that it is placed somewhere near the place where the accident took place.. We’ll keep you posted on the developments here.

  3. c morrison says:

    I was knocked off bike at bridge of dee and lost a tooth, but managed to get compensation. how do you vandelise a ghost bike?

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