Posted: Thursday, February 23, 2012 by greeni in 103, misc

  1. Anonymous says:

    How very dare you! rude insulting and loutish behaviour setting a bad example for all cyclists.
    Kindly contain your vitriol inside your own skin, we can manage without it. Thank you!

    • gnf0x says:

      Dear anonymous, I’m not sure whether you are joking or not, but the cartoon above is more about spiderman than about cyclists, don’t you think? He is indeed using a slogan that is sort of popular in the hip hop scene and sometimes printed on stickers on fixie bicycles, but I have no doubt that it is meant critically and ironically. (And come on, spiderman using a spiderweb bicycle to escape the police is pretty funny – spiderman thinking “fuck the police” is kind of funny too – and there is the idea of using bodily substances that produce a kind of hybrid body-machine that helps you move around faster – not that spiderman would really need that of course…) Anyway, taking the image above at face value, as you seem to do, is quite silly. – Furthermore, as far as this blog goes, we are free to express pretty much any opinion we like. So fuck off and read other blogs.

    • Ian Mitchell says:

      i was just having a look through your website and spotted this and immediately cheapens your charity and cause. i was thinking that i could ask the company i work for to give you a donation, but if they came across this on your website it would be an immediate no
      add to this the police are one of your sponsors and give you bikes and it does not click
      my advice would be to remove stuff like this from your website

      • gnf0x says:

        Dear Ian,

        it always seemed quite obvious to me that by posting this humorous caricature in this context (and this is how caricatures work, right? see on wikipedia), readers would understand that it’s mainly spiderman on a spiderweb bicycle that we thought was funny. It’s spiderman thinking “fuck da police”, not us. I don’t even think that the artist himself and anything against the police. Isn’t that obvious?

        The image without the slogan would be only half the point: it wouldn’t contain a reference to the idea of a counter-culture, to which, arguably, both spiderman and bicycles belong. It’s spiderman that has trouble with the police (or vice versa), not us.

        For this, and other reasons, partly mentioned in the comments to this post I thought that this, albeit polemic, caricature was thought-provoking and funny. Frankly, I am surprised that you are the second person that thinks it in some way offensive.

        So, regrettably, I don’t quite see how this cheapens our work or cause. And I’m quite disappointed that you and your firm would be, so to speak, throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I am also fundamentally against the kind of censorship you are suggesting and firmly believe that humour, art, and the freedom of opinion play an important role in public media as well as on blogs like this.

  2. greeni says:

    What’s also funny is thinking of spiderman listening to hip hop and seeing himself as being prosecuted by the police – which I believe he his. Thus starting to belong to a counter-culture and picking up their political slogans.

    Besides, I like thinking that spiderman would enjoy riding a fixie too. :)

  3. greeni says:

    just noticed that his bike has gears!

  4. Anonymous says:

    there is also this: http://youtu.be/6wkHk4AE4HY
    and this, which I love: http://youtu.be/O-W53kDyDhI

    keep it real.

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