Thursday Night ride, November 25.

Posted: Friday, November 26, 2010 by cydanil in night-ride

This ride, though it was snowy and slippery, was quite long (perhaps due to those conditions…).

We had good laughs when we understood that breaks aren’t necessarily breaks, that some people can’t stand on a bike and drive, that some are as blind as bats…

Here is the route:
We went to Cove via the Light House and were on our way back when we decided to drive back on our tails than to attempt to drive the A956 safely.
Then we went to the Old Blackfriars, some for the drinks, some for the girls, some for the fireplace.


Same Bikes!

  1. Ziai says:

    That was different ride! ^.^
    not the one with ladies in a tail. >.>
    not a one in a speed of light. >.>

    more or less snow was the accent of it. ^.~
    slippery hills. o.o
    blind corners. ~.~

    few fall outs. >.<"

    ***The Queen rocked the hill-ish Coast road O.O !!!

    =^.^= miaw

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