Meeting Reminder — Friday (October 29th) // 6pm

Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by greeni in news/events

Dear cyclists and clyclistisses,
Dear mechanics, volunteers, admins,
activists and other misc freaks,

just a reminder this, but an important one: coming Friday (October 29th) @ 6pm the Becycle collective will meet once again at a location in your area!

If you are curious about the project, about urban cycling culture in general or similar community schemes, or if you are currently or have been in the past a part-time volunteer at Becycle, and if you can come to only one meeting this year, then please do come to this one. Everyone is welcome! yourself, your family, your friends, your friend’s friends, their pets… the more the merrier. (*+ we would very much appreciate your input!)

We have important things to discuss: after a brief introduction to the project and its inner workings, its sources of inspiration, its history, its side-projects, its achievements as well as it’s failures and difficulties over the past three years, Becycle’s future stands at stake.

If things go according to plan, we will soon be moving our workshop into larger premises. The Becycle scheme as a whole needs to be expanded and adapted accordingly and an action group must be put in place to manage the transfer. Its a great opportunity to get involved with us.

So please, if you are able to, meet us under the Elphistone arches this Friday at 6pm. The meeting will take place at a secret location, indoors of course.

Many happy rides,

Daniel Grunfeld

Aberdeen’s open bicycle workshop
and free bike lending 

check this out::


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