China Bikes

Posted: Saturday, August 14, 2010 by greeni in misc

Jamie Fouss: China’s recent economic growth has been impressive, giving the normal Chinese person the opportunity to buy luxury goods that they only could have dreamed of a short while ago. It is estimated that in Beijing alone, more than 1,000 new cars are added to the road every day. The ubiquitous bicycle is still king of the road, however, enabling riders to breeze pass traffic jams with ease.

My goal was to photograph typical Chinese life and scenes, using a bicycle as the unifying thread. I followed the following guidelines: 1) There had to be a single, unaccompanied bike. The bike could be parked or walked, but not ridden. 2) I couldn’t touch or move the bike in order to place it into a picturesque scene. 3) The background had to be more visually interesting than the bike itself.

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  1. Quique says:

    About China Bikes,
    There is a Chinesse artis who make pictures with comparations between Germany and China
    See the image titeled Transportation:

    See you!!

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