Bendable Lamp Post Bike

Posted: Friday, July 9, 2010 by greeni in bikes

This concept bike by Kevin Scott from London is all over the news just now. I’m posting it, but I do think it’s silly, no?

  1. Back2Bikes says:

    Hmm. Getting a cable to that back brake’s going to be a bit tricky though, isn’t it? I guess that’s why he’s left his prototype without those handy ‘stopping’ thingies!

    • greeni says:

      good point. I guess we should give him some credit, since it’s just a concept. And I guess front brake only or front brake + hub brake would be an option. But, mmm, no gears.

  2. peter says:

    ….brakes…I dont like them but there are foot brakes ;) and foot gears too quick click backwards changes gears (only 2 that I’ve experienced) and stand on it breaks…used to have those when I was a kid haven’t seen any around lately…not that I’ve looked ;)

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