Bike We Like: Retrovelo

Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 by greeni in Bikes-We-Like

Retrovelo is a small bicycle company in Leipzig, Germany, who in 2003 introduced a new style of bike: the Balloon Racer. These bikes are part city bike, part zero-generation mountain bike, and part, well, a whole lot of other elements borrowed from bikes over the last century. While “retro” in aesthetic, these bikes are not warmed-over anything, but new designs executed with exacting vision and technical innovations never before seen in production bikes.
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  1. peter says:

    Nice design and when biking in some (most?) German cities those tires make so much sense. When will the road departements the world over start to fix potholes that affect/hinder cycling on streets/roads.

  2. greeni says:

    I think these bikes are awesome on any road. I had some of these Schwalbe balloons on converted mountain-bike frames that we made and, true enough, they run pretty smooth and fast! I love the look of these Retrovelo s!

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