Bike Count

Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2010 by greeni in bikes

Aberdeen Bike Count, 11 Locations, 1.5 Hours=657


~5 Minutes on a corner in Utrecht=?

  1. Nimesh Mody says:

    Interesting data from Aberdeen street corners. Only 15% of cyclist were women. That’s quite shocking and an obvious target for growth to get to the same levels as men.

  2. greeni says:

    very true! why do you think that is NImesh?

    • Nimesh says:

      Personal safety is probably the number one reason. Most women drive a small car specific designed and marketed with women in mind. More women would probably take to cycling if they had a police escort! Second reason is it’s probably a bit to sweaty and grubby for most women heading for the office. Solution…electric bikes with at-work bike workshop.

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