British Cycling

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010 by greeni in misc

British Cycling

Dear member,

As part of our continued work to stop the decline of UK road racing we have today launched a Facebook campaign to “Keep Racing on the Roads” and encourage you to please show your support by joining the group.

Most of you will be only too aware of the problems race organisers continue to have with outdated highways legislation and the other related issues like police charging. To find out what processes we have put in place to tackle these issues, click here

We have received good support and backing from the DCMS in Westminster but are aware of the need to bring this matter to the forefront of people’s attention. Therefore, we have today written to all MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates to gain their support for our campaign.

Part of the objective is to develop a support network of MPs in the new parliament who are sensitive to the this issue and will support our need for a change of legislation.

We’ve already received many messages of support and we’ll be building on this in the weeks to come.


Our Facebook page is the public face of the campaign and you can help us to turn this aspect of the sport around. We need as many people as possible to sign up as a fan of the page and support this cause. We all know that the more people seen to be backing a campaign like this, the more likely the politicians and other influential figures are to help us!

We’ll be updating the Facebook page on regular occasions with news on the issue and our continuing progress. Also, we’ll be asking our fans to get directly involved; this could be by writing to current and prospective MPs to make their views known. Influential figures such as MPs are likely to listen to their constituents during an election year. We hope that, with your help, they will listen to us!

Yours sincerely,

Ian Drake
Chief Executive
British Cycling


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