first Rapido Podcast

Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2009 by greeni in misc


Fucking A! Finally, my old friend Ralle from Rapido – the bike courier I work for in Cologne – posted the first Rapido podcast mixtape with some of the good beats and tunes he used to play for us at work. Hope this becomes a regular!

listen/download here


Sergey Suokas – Morning Love
Greg Scrase – Koko (Runner18 Remix)
Florence and The Machine – You`ve Got the Love (The xx Remix)
The Family Simpson – My Funny Valentine
Daft Punk – Fragile Tron Legacy
Marlene Magnoli – Flatter Davon Kleiner Flattermann
Fingoonet – Bouddha Dub
Dave I.D. – X-F
Russian Circles – Malko
Jimi Tenor/Tony Allen – Selfish Gene
Hildegard Knef – Heute Morgen War Termin (Andreas Dorau Remix)
Karen O and the Kids – Hideaway
Paco del Stinko – Ring them Bells


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