Dear Thug,

Posted: Monday, October 12, 2009 by greeni in news/events


  1. Siim O says:

    Very good :P specially Chuck Norris

  2. Peter says:

    simply, brilliant! We def need some of those, perhaps laminated A4? From uni or laminater from lidl for 10£?

  3. Pablo says:

    It’s a brilliant idea (assuming that (a) the thugs CAN READ and (b) they know who Chuck Norris is!). Go for it :)

  4. nutshell says:

    heheheheeeee chuck norris knows all da skills. sorry bout the breakin
    greets from romania

  5. Alek No.3 says:

    Great thief deterant. Been thinking it over since meeting last week and this is far better than anything I could have dreamt up on my own.

    Defo. get this painted on doors in foot hight letters

    ps, sorry for delay in meeting minutes. currently between places right now, status confused. will have rest of notes in type soon. plan to visit Recyk-Y-Bike at weekend, see if I can pick up any hot tips

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