Tall Bike Journey

Posted: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by greeni in misc, news/events

tallbike_to_huntly_xcgA couple of weeks passed since Robin and I cycled off to the Huntly Slow Down on the beCyCle tall bikes. I still keep thinking about that little tour:  Aberdeen – Huntly, 50 miles on wee back roads, leaving a wave of joy behind us – even the cow herdes started running along when we passed. People’s amazement when seeing us on the tall bikes is really cool. It can be quite a circus if we take the bikes into town centres, but out in the country it’s just lovely: for a moment, everybody becomes a child again. When was the last time you had someone starring at you with an open mouth and going WOW?

At the festival in Huntly itself, the bikes were quite a sensation. We showed a whole bunch of people how to ride them, both adults and kids. Explained how we built them, and toured a little around town etc.


It all felt quite right being there, with the tall bikes, representing the project. We met a whole bunch of lovely people, made some new contacts – I think the Huntly Express wrote something about us, I’ll try to get a hold of it – and learned a thing or two about bikes and bike festivals and cycling in Scotland.

All in all, a really great tour and quite a neat event. — See more pictures here:



  1. Robin Parker says:

    It definitely was a great trip: good memories and good photos.

  2. Shirley says:

    It was a fantastic day – I think I’ve got a copy of the Huntly Express that I can send to you (if its not gone into the recycling)

    That open mouth thing, and the wow, that’s exactly what happened when we came round the bend and saw you both cycling en route to Huntly :-)

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