Comming Up This Weekend

Posted: Friday, May 22, 2009 by greeni in news/events

200573103-001To all,
we are  having a meeting this evening  Friday, 22nd, 6pm Taylor A31 (sorry for posting this so late!). So do come. The first part will actually be rather official though: we’ll mainly have to discuss some issues about our current format as a university society and community project and some changes that might or might not occur in the future; come up and sign an official constitution and elect new committee members. We need your input and ideas!

BUT THEN! we’ll have plenty of food and drinks and watch B:I:K:E on one of them awesome university projectors  — HOPE TO SEE Y’ALL TONIGHT.

MEETING#2: “AREN’T WE SO FUCKING GREAT BBQ” tomorrow night, Saturday, 23rd, 9.30pm (or so) @ the north beach by the mouth of Don, we’ll have a bonfire and bbq. SO COME COME COME!

peeeeeeeace yo,
the secretary

Agenda for tonight’s meeting is below.
Please forward any comments or late additions (will be considered, no guarantee of inclusion) to r.parker.04 [eht]


Proposed Agenda for Becycle AGM:

Annual Reports (10mins)
– President’s report on the year. (Hannah)
– Treasurer’s financial report. (Lucie)
– Health and Safety Report. (Seb)

– Committee elections for next year (10mins)
(Please email if you are interested in a committee position and didn’t yet express an interest)
– President
– Treasurer
– Workshop co-ordinator/secretary
– Health and Safety officer
– anyone else???

– Becycle’s future status (20mins)
-report on investigation to become charity etc (Daniel)
-reports on future within Student Association (Robin)
-Conclusion and decision on how to procede over summer

Constitution (15mins)
-A constitution for Becycle needs to be agreed in near future.
-suggestions for inclusions?
-How to procede? Nominations for someone(s) to write it.

Other Discussion points: (20mins)
– What else needs to be done over summer?
– Freshers Fayre
– More frequent meetings?
– How to make the workshop more accessible for new and other people?
– Training sessions?

Form filling (5mins)

7.30pm ->
Movie: B.I.K.E (89mins)

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Becycle People,

    I am really glad to see that Becycle made it through an eventful year, such great achievements that have brought knowledge and art to our community.

    Gracious thanks to the team, particulary Dani ,Hannah, Lucy and Piotr!


  2. greeni says:

    Muchas Gracias man!!

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