Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2009 by greeni in misc

6.2.1 Choose faces that suit the task as well as the subject.

You are designing, let us say, a book about bicycle racing. You have found in the specimen book a typeface called Bicycle, which has spokes in the O, and A in the shape of a racing seat, a T that resembles a set if racing handlebars, and tiny cleated shoes perched on the long, one-sided serifs of ascenders and descenders, like pumping feet on the pedals. Surely this is the perfect face for you book?

Actually, typefaces and racing bikes are very much alike. Both are ideas as well as machines, and neither should be burdened with excess drag or baggage. Pictures of pumping feet will not make the type go faster, ayn more than smoke trails, pictures of rocket ships or imitation lighting bolts tied to the frame will improve the speed of the bike.

The best type of book about bicycle racing will be, first of all, an inherently good type.  Second, it will be  a good type for books, which means a good type for comfortable long-distance reading. Third, it will be a type sympathetic to the theme. It will probably be lean, strong and swift; perhaps it will also be Italian. But it is unlikely to be carrying excess ornament or freight, and unlikely to be indulging in a masquerade.

— The Elements of Typographic Style, Robert Bringhurst


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