Posted: Monday, April 27, 2009 by greeni in news/events

Hi Guys,
I have brought my welder up from home and have a couple of frames to make the tall bike for the parade. For anyone who would like to get involved the creation will start at 4pm on Thursday the 30th at the workshop. All welcome to come and give a hand.

as some of you might have recognized: There are undoubdtful signs that the 87th aberdonian torcher parade is coming up. To be more precise: On the second of May (next Saturday) the torcher parade will be lead by an astounding number of BeCyclists on bikes, that are decorated in such magnificent style, that all other floats behind us will fall to their knees in fascination and ….awe.
You get my point.
To be able to fulfill this amazing moment we need YOU.
Hanna-popanna (aka Hanna Krüger) and myself (the seb/ stephanoviczi/sebastian/stephan) will open the workshop as usual on Saturday the 2nd at 1 o clock and have at hand: Huge quantities of tinsel, bamboo sticks, banners, colors and horns to decorate/pimp your bikes. We want your creativity to show the bloody city who we are and what we are capable of (by which, of course, I only mean your culturally valuable qualifications).
If you want to join us – which you DO- you should come there and make the most of your bike and yourself –
for students SHOW UP IN FANCY DRESS!!! FANCY DRESS CAN BE ANYTHING FROM BIKINI (yeah, you guys heard me) to full-grown yeti-costume.
The parade will usually start around 7, further news to be announced. For further information, check:
I shake you friendly by the hand (yeah, at least three people know Otto, right?)

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