BIG news – Finalists in the Eco City Awards

Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2008 by commandanto in news/events

We have been nominated as a finalist in the Aberdeen Eco City Awards, check it out here:

An event will take place on the 30th of August at which the jury will make its final decision on whom will win the Awards. If you would like to go as a member and/ or representative for beCyCle and maybe, maybe carry home a prize, then email beCyCle asap so that we can get you a ticket and hook you up with anybody else who would like to go!

Whether or not beCyCle will win a prize, it is a big compliment to all of us that we have been nominated as a finalist!!!

Congratulations and thanks for your/ our good work!


Well and the other big news that certainly deserves publishing here is that Vesna and Helena have made it possible to recycle our waste!! The metal bin is empty and quite a lot of the stuff flying around the workshop has been moved to a new home. We even made 17pounds with it! It was all one big adventure from getting stuck in Aberdeen’s rush hour (is an exceptional experience for cyclists, no?) to weighing Vesna’s car and running around in a rusty metal mountain range….

Thanks pals….



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