To the City Council

Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2008 by commandanto in news/events

On our quest for a better accommodation we have send this letter to the city council. Lets cross our fingers!


To whom it may concern

Proposal for the use of the old public toilets on High street – Old Aberdeen by the beCyCle bike workshop

BeCyCle is a non-profit, all volunteer run community bicycle project that recycles old, unused bicycles and lends them out for free. The workshop provides adequate tools and competent help to meet the needs of those who like to build and repair their own bicycles or do volunteer work. It is an educational space for skills exchange and team work and benefits the local as well as the university community.

The aim of the workshop is to support sustainable transport, to encourage self-reliance in bike maintenance and to provide a space for exchange and skill development, complementing the city’s sustainability policies and Waste Aware scheme.

In only 10 months the project has proven very popular and highly successful. Support for the project comes from the local community, the Aberdeen University body and the Grampian Police who is very supportive donating bicycles, locks, and other useful things (see the “Press and Journal” article, Monday, July 7, 2008). The workshop also runs a web page that has had over a 1000 visits a month on average since it went online in October 2007. 

Due to the success of this scheme and the ever-increasing demand from local and university members wanting to use our service, we need a space which is better suited than our current location. The current location limits our activity as space is scarce; there are no windows and no electricity at all. If we had additional space that we could use solely for the workshop, then the current shed can be used as the highly necessary storage-room for spare parts and to-be- repaired bicycles. This project could expand to help more people and make more bikes available to them. Other cities around the world have similar community-based workshops/ projects ( and Aberdeen, as a major Scottish city, has joined this global community with beCyCle.

We therefore would like bring our interest in the old public toilets on High Street in Old Aberdeen to your attention. The building appears adequately sized, could be connected to the University’s electricity network and has an ideal location for our main target group. We look forward to meeting to discuss how we can work together. Please contact us at the address below and visit our website for more information about our project.

Yours faithfully,  Hannah Krueger and The beCyCle Team


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