good times – bad times – good times – bad times

Posted: Monday, July 28, 2008 by greeni in news/events

bad news: we’ve been robbed on Sunday last week. Our best bikes are gone. Bikes we invested a lot of time in. Fortunately though, a couple of days before the robbery we’ve installed an alarm system which we got from Jim Watson of the Crime Reduction Unit (see one of the previous posts) and it certainly did the job. And luckily, two police officers were in the next building when the alarm went off. So all the tools and spare parts are there and we can continue our work. We lost more than 10 bikes – some really good ones. But we hope that this incident will have some good consequences after all. We need a better, bigger place! We need electricity and light! So that we can keep on growing and improving, yeah!

After all the good things that happened to us lately, this incident reminds me so much of that old Chinese story about the Taoist farmer and the horse and how good things turn into bad things and bad things into good ones and how the mind gets carried away and keeps perpetuating between happiness and suffering – but not the equanimous farmer! read the story here

Other than that, things are great. We get new bikes and parts and other donations weekly. Our sortiment of tools is constantly improving. We have lots of fun projects in mind, like “alley cats” and building fixed gear bikes, etc.  SO KEEP THE SPIRIT!


  1. Fiona-Jane says:

    Aw gee, that’s really bad! What the hell is Aberdeen coming to? I had thought bikes were no longer a target for thieves, jings, ppl will steal your eye-teeth these days!

    Sorry I haven’t been around – away on fieldwork most of summer. See you guys in the new term,

    best wishes

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