new tools

Posted: Sunday, May 18, 2008 by greeni in news/events

Hey guys,
workshop’s on tomorrow.
– We’ve got some good new tools (yey!).
– And some parts are coming over from Germany (cables and such).
– A couple of people are supposed to come to donate their bikes.
– And a couple are coming to repair their bikes (and they will need a hand!)
– We also took on some repair works.

*Get the workshop organized a bit better (esp. come up with some system to avoid the mess, searching for tools, parts etc.)
*and finishing some of the bikes (we need the space!) and helping other’s to do their bikes. and more and more!

We need your help.

SO COME ON! Take a brake from the revision for a couple of hours, and come down to the workshop to move your bodies and get dirty and hang around a bit and tell each other how bad things are. hope to see you tomorrow, 1pm, as always.

  1. tariq says:

    hi, dani & hanna,
    thankx again for the wheel today it is appreciated and should keep my safe until i sort out my old one, love the whole becycle thing just wish i cane up with it first lol.

    saw u needed a sofa might be able to help with that one, plus do u need a hifi…

    hope to join you soon will keep an eye on the site to check if anythings going down.

    peace and love.

    ps dibs on the next cool racing bike. (would be nice to ride aberdeen on one of those 4 a week or 2.)

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