new workshop – update!

Posted: Saturday, April 26, 2008 by greeni in news/events

ok guys, here’s some news.

  • We moved into the new shed last weekend, hurray!!!!! (see the pic – those cars aren’t supposed to be there)
  • We got a massive order on the way and we’ll get a proper work-stand, among other things, which is pretty exciting.
  • There is still quite a bit of work and fixing to be done on the workshop (e.g. graffiting the walls etc.) but it’s functional and it feels like a proper workshop now. Plan is to turn it into a little community shop with spare parts and tools and all and keep it open more often (twice a week or so) so that people can drop by and fix their mules etc.
  • We have a couple of bikes that need some minor repair works to be sent out via the library – we could use a hand!
  • oh and in case you haven’t noticed, the library is working fairly well, people are exchanging bikes among each other and we are really happy that that’s happening. For next year though, the plan is to give a few bikes away for the entire term and keep the others on the recall-system. If you got any ideas about that, please let us know.
  • And in general: any feed-back will be much appreciated.

Ok, so we hope to see you guys next Saturday. Keep the spirit and spread the word.

here’s how to find us: Saturdays from 1-6pm in The Becycle Workshop (click for map: G34 Don Street outhouse ).

  1. Fiona-Jane says:

    Sounds great guys – hope to pedal along tomorrow afternoon and finally see you


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