fasten your seatbelts!

Posted: Thursday, April 17, 2008 by commandanto in news/events

Hello Everyone and welcome back to BECYCLE!

We’ll have the first workshop after the chill-out easter break this saturday! Since the sun is on our side now, I suggest that we take it easy and start the workshop at 1pm so that we can all have our deserved saturday lay in.

A few pretty good news from us:

All bikes from the library are taken out and for first time the bikes are actually being recalled. I’d say this is a brilliant success and congratulate all of us: Congratulations. It came with a few confusions and if you have any comments, please comment, so we can evolve.

Also, I take this chance to welcome our new committee members Mark, Nikos and Adrien! We are very keen on the new input and extra enthusiasm!

There are also a number of new gadget and toys on our webpage from Web- Magician Daniel. Check it out, my personal favouroite: The little movie clip in the Gallery (

Mark and I had a sunny day on which we drove all the garbage that was behind our shed to the recycling depot! Now, the shed buisness is simply taking ages and I am trying to do what I can but… Maybe another miracle happens tomorrow and I’ll get the keys from the SA. But, I would say this certainly should not stop us from going ahead and having our workshop. Also I would love if everybody who is interested in getting more involved (not only new and old Committee Members) to come along this saturday so that we can go ahead and spent the £330 that the SA gave us! Stickers, tools, spare parts and a teapot… and whatever else is on your creative minds! Lets do it!

See yous plentiful on saturday @ 1pm – still in the 51 University Road!

Smiles, hannah


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