Posted: Monday, February 25, 2008 by greeni in news/events

We posted a message on the uni server “message of the day” thingy on Friday, and we’ve had over 270 visitors on the first day! – and all the bikes are out! (wow, ey?) this means we might become rather popular I guess.

And we got some nice feedback recently – in fact we do receive pretty nice and encouraging emails now and again from people around the world (Canada, Germany and Thailand among other places) who just happen to stumble upon our website – anyway, one really nice review was posted here by a fellow student:

We added a page we called “guideline” to the site – some things which I thought needed to be said. I hope you agree with that sort of statement. If not, or if you have any other ideas or comments on that, please share.

What else is happening at the moment?

  • Well, we are still doing our best to find a nice place to set up a proper workshop – we sent that email (see last post) around uni – but there wasn’t too much of a response to that. Although Robin Harper contacted us and it seems something is indeed happening! we’ll see – we might need to hand out the letter in person and could use some help to bring it to the right places.
  • We got more tools and spare parts recently and we’re kind of growing I guess.
  • A new truing stand should be there by Saturday.
  • We will hopefully get some money from the Student Association soon – we’ll be handing in the forms tomorrow.
  • We’ll get a couple of new bikes these days – and one of the bikes (speedyJenny) in the library was damaged.

So I hope to see you guys on Saturday to get those new bikes ready for the library – and there are still a couple of mountain bikes that would need some work!
Things are happening now! spread the word.

Becycally yours,


  1. Storyquine says:

    Hi guys,
    thanks for the shout out. I notice a settee was one of your wants – have you tried looking on Freecycle on Yahoo groups? The aberdeen one has loads of stuff like that – I just gave away a bathroom cabinet today.

    I will try to pop round on Saturday – I would like to meet you all anyway! I have an ex-work colleague who says he will look out some tools for me to give you. He’s a serious cycler himself. In fact, a photo he took has given me a great idea for a poster for you lot! Will get photoshopping.


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