Becycle’s latest enthusiastic attempt

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 by commandanto in news/events

This letter went out to various people in the University community yesterday. We are curiously waiting for a reaction….
Also: every bikeless person out there: We now have three bikes waiting for you to take on rides!!! Go to: – choose a bike- pick it up! It is that easy….

To whom it may concern


In search of support and space (garage, basement or hut) from the University of Aberdeen for a student based free bicycle repair workshop and lending library.

In September 2007 a number of students started to develop a fully free bicycle repair workshop and bicycle lending library. The workshop supplies tools and know how to students to assist them in bicycle repair works. Additionally it has shown very successful to repair unused bicycles- gathered through sponsorships- to send them back onto Aberdeen’s roads in form of a lending library- again free of charge.

The workshop managed not only to circulate a number of bikes in the University community but also gained access to repair tools, spare parts and knowledgeable folks and runs a web page that has been having over 1250 visits since it went online in October 2007.

In only three months this project has proven very popular and could potentially grow to great things.

The aim of the workshop is to support sustainable transport, to encourage students to do simple repair works by themselves and to provide a space for exchange and skill development complementing the University’s sustainable transport policies.

Due to the success of this scheme and the ever-increasing demand of students wanting to use this service, we need a space better suited then the current location of our private back garden.

The current location limits our activity (e.g. due to weather and lighting), if we had a garage/shed this project could expand to help more students and make more bikes available to them.

Other Universities like Oxford, Birmingham or Evergreen show a working example of similar student initiatives – not to mention the numerous community-based workshops around the world (see below for a few examples). We believe that the University of Aberdeen is ready for such a space and will gain many positive benefits from it.

We are therefore asking the University for a garage, a basement or a hut in which this project will find its new home.

We look forward to meeting to discuss how we can work together.

Please contact us at the address below.

Yours faithfully,

the Becycle Team

Becycle- for Tustainable Transport


Evergreen University

Birmingham University

Oxford University

The Bike Station is Edinburgh’s bicycle recycling and cycling promotion charity.
a bicycle library in Glasgow
Derailer is a community-run, completely FREE bike shop with an all-volunteer staff.


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