New Year New Fingertiggling Repairssss

Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 by commandanto in news/events

Hello, hello, hello….

Our first workshop is this saturday!!!!! But: we are all invited to Jodi’s Tea and Cake Meet- Up in the Chaplaincy to have a chat about what we has been happening in the environmental and ethical movement and get an introduction to the second best Aberdonian webpage —->

12-2pm Saturday, 2nd of February, in the Chaplaincy.

From 2pm onwards we will then be in and around the little workingspace at 51 University Raod– as ususal.

Of course everybody is super welcome to bring along their own bike, buuut we have toooooooo many bikes for the library that still need jobs done, so we need to stop taking more on board till most of them are out circulating and/or we have our Uni based Garage. (Last bikes will be taken in this saturday.) And then: FIXING, FIXING, FIXING like the pucks… Bring your little red hats and come, come along on Saturday.



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