Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2007 by greeni in news/events

hmmm….today as I was sitting in my room playing a little song on my E-Motion Guitar, I was looking out of the window and what did I see??? A boy in the middle of nipping one of our bikes.

We need a garage – UNIVERSITY!

And if I catch these boys I make them work in the workshop to fix their own bike! So I’ll be putting out some little traps to catch little bike nippers.  

There is a new bike, it is in proper working condition and there are some four bikes that will need minor repairs. This friday shall be the day. If you can’t turn up because you are busy, we are flexible- so suggest me different times   \o/

I was also thinking of selling the first five bikes instead of giving them out for free, so that we will have a little budget to work on.

£20 per bike: BARGAIN!

Know somebody who needs one? Want to get your own???

Get in touch )

See yous on friday!

until than – love and happiness,


And here’s a little treasure hunt for anybody who hasn’t been to the magical Garden – 51 University Road  (see MAP)


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