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Posted: Saturday, October 13, 2007 by commandanto in news/events

There are sooo many bikes in my garden. Two more weeks and nobody will be able to move nor catch the last short sunshine in the pretty patch of green. So! Lets come together and fix them up. There are some really exciting once and I would suggest everybody can choose their own little baby and make it into a bird with wheels!

Yep, there is also the Crtical Mass on Saturday again! I heard some whispers of fresh initiatives into banner makings and colour games. I will start making a chinese Dragon  that can sit on one or two bikes and lure all kids of the neighbourhood on the road (though I will not be part of the ride this time  :( ).

So friends, come together on Friday as usual to my back yard (51 University Road!!!) from 2pm.

the hannah

hey! And if you find a garage on your way, get the keys we’ll move in straight away!

  1. Christina says:

    Hi, I have just aquired a rather beaten up bike from freecycle. I’ve bought lights (which are worth more than the bike)… anyhow, i’d love to come along, perhaps someone could give it a once’s rather wreck-like. I might need to buy a second-hand bike at some point.

    Where is Hannah’s house!?


  2. alex says:


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